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You can't talk with us here! It's just information website! To talk with us join our discord or go to wiki fandom

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We are minecraft geopol community with events  and giveaways. We have discord, gmail and wiki fandom. 

We hope we will see you in our discord so you will can talk with us. We also hope our server will make you happy and you will have funny time there. 

See you!



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Something about us

We are small minecraft community with minecraft server and giveaways! We have towny server with many plugins and anarchy server. MC Politica have around 3 years. Also our staff application is open so if you want to join our staff team just join discord and make ticket. If you want to know our history you have to join discord and ask owner.




Hello if you want help it's place for you but this website isn't best for it. We can't talk with you here so for support better is discord or wiki fandom. Here, you can see answers for the most often problems.

1. How can I open my kit?

 Just do /kit starter and you will get default kit, do /kit <your rank> to open better kit ( You must have rank zombie,spider,skieleton,creeper,enderman ) 

2. My town/nation became ruin, how can I repair it? 

You can do /t  renew or /n renew if we are talking about nation, You need 250$ to renew town. If this commands doesn't work contact with  staff.

3. How can I get money?

Use command /sell <item what you want to sell> Waring! You can sell only food.

4. How can I tpa to spawn?

Use /warp Spawn you also can use command /warp Crates to tpa warp Crates so you can open them.

5. How can I set permissions on/off in my town

use /t toggle <choose perimission from list> on/off

6.  how can I Set/tpa/delete home?

You can use command /sethome <name> to create home, /home <name> to tpa to home and /delhome <name> to delete home. Waring! You can't delete home "bed" because it's your spawnpoint


If you need more help join our discord or ask on wiki fandom!





Welcome to MC Politica website!

It's place when you can get help and see links.

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